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    Devra Trading & Distribution S.A.E
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DEVRA is the Export division of TEDOR Consulting group
DEVRA is specialized in trading in the Premium Egyptian food products
Distinguished standards of raw material high quality selection
Premium customized packing fulfilling diverse clients’ needs


  • Class A of pure, natural and non-GMO fancy molasses, extracted from Egyptian sugar cane proudly cultivated in Upper Egypt since the age of Pyramids "with Zero additives"

  • DEVRA is offering a wide range of different packing volumes, with high secured food grade quality; starting from 1 Kg up to 300 Kg per pack
  • Bulk shipments are available, as we are the main gateway of several Elite Molasses production facilities
  • Coming soon products
    • Molasses Tobacco
    • Premium Egyptian Dates
    • Feed stock Molasses